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People supporting each other for a common cause

Genetic Alliance Australia is a community of people supporting each other for a common cause. Membership is not required to access information and support services. If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, become a member today!

Benefits of being a member of Genetic Alliance Australia are:

■ Members receive a quarterly newsletter that raises numerous issues of interest to anyone whose life is affected by a rare genetic condition
■ Members receive details about information seminars of interest to them
■ Members have access to back issues of the newsletter
■ Every new member helps further our mission of facilitating support to those affected by genetic conditions
■ Access to resources on: education, medical services, other organisations, allowances, and respite care
■ Information on rare genetic conditions and a resource information pack

Cost of Membership

■ Family / Individual – AUD$30 (includes GST)
■ Organisation – AUD$48 (includes GST)

Please fill in the Membership Form and pay online, or alternatively you can send a cheque with a print out of your membership form. Any donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Please read our disclaimer and privacy policy for information about the storage and use of membership information.

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Our mission statement

To facilitate support for those affected directly or indirectly by genetic conditions throughout Australasia.

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