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Telecounselling Group

Genetic Alliance Australia provides group counselling over the phone for carers of people with rare or genetic conditions

As part of the "Filling the Void" project, Genetic Alliance Australia runs a telecounselling group for carers of someone with a genetic condition. Telegroup counselling, through a common phone line, is essentially conference calling and provides an excellent way for carers to communicate when they are geographically, financially and / or socially isolated. The group consists of up to six parent/carers on the line and two facilitators, Doriane Ranaivoharison, Projects Manager and Dianne Petrie who is the Director of Genetic Alliance and has been involved in genetics and family support for over 25 years.

The calls will last for one hour, once per week for a series of six weeks. The time and start date for our next programme will be confirmed following discussions with carers as to a day that suits them best. Some of the topics parents have wanted to discuss in the past include: communication, accessing services, and schooling, grief & loss and sibling issues.

Telecounselling groups are held 2-3 times a year depending on interest. They can be carers of individuals with the same conditions, all mums, all dads, all grandparents, all siblings or a mix of everyone.

Genetic Alliance also teams up with condition specific support groups to offer telegroup conselling to the individuals and familes they are in contact with in rural NSW.  

Please note: This service is available to residents of NSW on a landline only.

There is no charge for this service

Call on +61 2 9295 8359 for more information.

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